3-1/2" Eagle Claw SD | 2"IF

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This Eagle Claw SD has a 3-1/2" cutting diameter and 2" IF connection. It is the next generation of HDD's fastest drilling, best steering, and most durable hard soil bit.
Product Features
  • Perfectly balanced cutting design for smooth, efficient operation
  • Cutter teeth available with carbide hardfacing for maximum durability
  • Aggressive tri-cutter carbide cutting action gets through the hardest conditions
  • Quickly and easily change out carbide cutter teeth with straight-thru knockout holes
  • Steering face has conical shape for quicker reaction to directional "pushes"
  • Smooth running with minimal vibration to drill stem and drill rig
  • 100% coverage dome carbides provide great wear resistance without cutting top of hole for great steering
  • Minimize chance of clogging with built-in check valve
Tool Specs
For Use In: Caliche, Cobbles, Dirt, Gravel, Hardpan, Sandstone, Shale
Compatible Housings: 5625-HT4, 5627-HT4, 5927-HD4
Bit Thread: 2" IF
Rig Model: D6x6, D7x11A, D7x11A S2, D8x12, D9x13, D9x13 S2, D9x13 S3, D10x15, D10x15 S3, D16x20, D16x20 S2, D18x22, JT9, JT10, JT920, JT920L, JT921, JT922, JT1220 M1, JT1720, JT1720 M1, DD1215, DD1416
Housing Type: Thread-on, Side-load
Transmitter Housing Front Thread: 2" IF