Posted 28.2.2017

The Best Bits for Shale

Mighty shale. Though this fine-grained sedimentary rock runs on the soft side of earthen material, it can present drilling challenges when you use the wrong tool. Some drillers try to cut corners and use inappropriate HDD tools for the material they’re in which can result in slow going or broken equipment. Our decades of experience […]

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Posted 24.1.2017

Gearing Up for Winter

Drillers who operate in sub-zero conditions face even more challenges than the standard HDD job. Frozen ground, frigid drilling fluid and the stress of cold weather on moving parts can cause production to slow to a crawl. Select the right HDD tools and equipment and be smart about how you use them so you can […]

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Posted 11.1.2017

How to Make a Big Hole – The Right Way

When you are drilling a big hole–around 18” or larger–you must pay close attention to the tooling and processes you use. Otherwise, you could end up with a misshapen, unstable hole that can interrupt other underground utilities, collapse in the middle of your project, or even cause loss of tooling. Whether you have a rig […]

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Posted 29.12.2016

Choosing the Right Tool: Backreamers

Backreamers are the workhorse of every HDD drilling operation. As HDD tooling experts, we see too many drillers make the mistake of thinking that one backreamer can do it all. The fluted reamer that comes with the rig is great–under certain conditions. However, drillers try to use the default drilling reamers in situations where a specialized reamer would increase production. What can happen when you rely on the wrong reamer? At best, picking the wrong backreamer can

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Fast Back
We Just Sped Up the Speed of LightA small, mud-filled pit is the last place you want to remove the drill head and install a reamer. And now you don’t have to with the FastBack family of pullback devices from Melfred Borzall. FastBack devices allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back. Fast and easy underground production that puts you ahead of the curve. . . that’s the Borzall Edge.

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