Posted 6.18.2018

Big Challenges Produce Breakthroughs in HDD Tooling

The breakthrough designs behind our HDD tools always emerge as a response to real challenges facing real HDD drillers. Whether it’s jumping down into the pit with a crew to check out a situation or talking to distributors who hear about difficult jobs day-in and day-out, all our tools are built to improve efficiency for

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Posted 5.18.2018

What the Wrong Tooling Will Cost You

Completing jobs efficiently and profitably is the top priority for any HDD driller. It’s tempting to cut corners or cobble together a “just good enough” solution in service of wrapping up a project fast and moving onto the next. However, wrong decisions regarding your HDD tools can come back to haunt you. Here are just

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Posted 5.4.2018

13 Weird HDD Terms and Their Definitions

Like all industries, HDD has its own unique jargon that has evolved over years in the field. These terms come from shorthand, slang, or hijinks on the job site. Here are our favorite weird industry terms for methods, materials and HDD tools, along with a first guess of what a layperson might think they mean.

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Posted 4.11.2018

Local Student Robotics Teams Are Crushing It

We’re passionate about community involvement, especially initiatives that spark an interest in engineering. From school “career day” demonstrations to extending internship opportunities to high school graduates and college students, we take advantage of every chance we get to support local student engineers. This is why we proudly sponsor robotics teams at area high schools, providing

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Posted 4.3.2018

When to Rebuild a Tool vs. Scrapping It

  By Jose Mierzejewski Every driller knows that HDD tooling is subject to an unimaginable amount of stress. It’s a hard fact (pardon the pun), but wear and tear is part of the job. Whether your equipment is taking a pounding from solid rock or being shaved down by the relentless abrasion of sandy loam,

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We Just Sped Up the Speed of LightA small, mud-filled pit is the last place you want to remove the drill head and install a reamer. And now you don’t have to with the FastBack® family of pullback devices from Melfred Borzall. FastBack devices allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back. Fast and easy underground production that puts you ahead of the curve. . . that’s the Borzall Edge.

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