Posted 2.6.2018

How to Avoid a Sticky Situation When Backreaming in Clay

By: Bridger Cottle, Owner/President of Drilling Fluids Solutions   Every driller who has ever tried to use a backreamer in clay knows that things can go south fast. Use the wrong type of reamer or try to rush your job and you end up with a balled-up reamer that feels like trying to pull a

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Posted 1.29.2018

The Next Generation of Welders, Right Here at Home

By: Dick Melsheimer Our family is made up of generations of proud Californians. Many years ago, California ranked #1 in the United States for education. Since then, that ranking has taken a tumble. I’ve seen our status plummet and wondered how and when our state would finally turn itself around. Awhile back, I came across

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Posted 1.25.2018

FastReam Fastback HDD: Overall Lighter Construction Site Presence

There’s no arguing that the demand for trenchless construction for utility infrastructure installation and restoration is on the rise. However, the growing competition for trenchless jobs coupled with contractors’ need for greater efficiency can conflict when conditions aren’t ideal. Simply put, drillers need to get more out of tight jobs and short bores than they

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Posted 12.19.2017

How to Properly Measure Your Reamer and Choose the Right Size for the Job

Determining the appropriate size backreamer for your job can get a little tricky. You can’t just hold up a ruler to such an oddly-shaped tool and expect to get an accurate measurement. But your HDD reamers need to be the right size for the jobs they’re on. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving too

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Posted 11.7.2017

What Causes Interference When Locating a Bore?

by: Mark Gallucci, Digital Control Inc. (DCI)   Since the inception of HDD, drillers have had to contend with signal interference that may wreak havoc with the locator. High-pressure gas lines with cathodic protection, fiber optic tracer tones lines and metal objects near the drill path mean that HD drillers are tasked with threading a

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We Just Sped Up the Speed of LightA small, mud-filled pit is the last place you want to remove the drill head and install a reamer. And now you don’t have to with the FastBack® family of pullback devices from Melfred Borzall. FastBack devices allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back. Fast and easy underground production that puts you ahead of the curve. . . that’s the Borzall Edge.

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