Rent it. Rock-It. Return it. No surprise fees. Rent for as little as 2 weeks and know what your costs will be.

Rock-It Mud Motor Rental

Get more power. Use less fluid. Rock-It Mud Motors convert drill fluid pressure into maximum torque so you get more drilling time before stopping for maintenance. It’s not magic. It’s just Melfred Borzall engineering.

  • High-performance mud motor designed specifically for HDD
  • Can be operated at a slower speed for more compatibility with tri-cone bits
  • High torque-to-flow ratio means more drilling power with less fluid
  • High-quality internal parts result in more drilling time before regular maintenance is required
  • Mud-Motor rentals available
  • Bearing packs are designed to be completely sealed
  • Rotors and stators are designed for HDD. They are shorter in length to help with the steering of the motor. All stators are manufactured with a new “hard” nitrile rubber resulting in more power from the motor.
  • Built tough to withstand the harsh conditions of horizontal drilling. Stator tube walls are twice as thick as other brands for maximum durability.

The Pulpit Rock


Not even solid rock can stand up to our rock bits, built to handle up to 30,000 psi. If at first, you don’t succeed…you’re not using our Tri-Cone Rock Bit.

  • Ideal for drilling in solid rock
  • A good value-to-cost alternative
  • A wide variety of rock bits available for many types of job
  • Complete line of world-renowned Sandvik bits – HDS+ and HDX series
  • Designed specifically for HDD applications in rock (up to 30,000 psi)
  • Maximum gage and leg protection for longer bit life
  • Tungsten carbide inserts available in a variety of tooth profiles
  • Sealed friction bearing system
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