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2-1/2 Bolt-on SD Housing | Fits Digitrak™ or U-Mag | 2" IF

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Part #: 5625-HT4-13
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This Premium 2-1/2" diameter SD Housing is tough as nails with heat-treated alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. Exactly what you would expect from Melfred Borzall. Also available with a Ditch Witch® bolt pattern
Product Features
  • Heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel for maximum strength and durability (the same high strength, fatigue resistant steel used in landing gears and propeller shafts)
  • Large lid tabs provide more contact surface for less wear and longer life
  • Integrated Mudboost port to increase water jet power on direct pullback
  • Steer face and lid bolt holes are thread milled for a better quality thread and to allow more threads to engage
More Information
Housing Type: Bolt-on, Side-load
Transmitter Housing Diameter: 2-1/2"
Transmitter Housing Front Thread: N/A
Transmitter Housing Rear Thread: 2" IF
Bit / Blade Option: Pit Bull™ & Standard Blade Compatible
Compatible Adapters: 21M-01M, 21M-09M, 21M-20M, 21M-30F, 21M-31F, 21M-32F, 21M-34M, 21M-36M, 21M-40F, 21M-86M, 21M-H350M, 21M-L42M, 21M-L43M, 21M-L52F, 21M-L54F, 21M-L55F, 21M-L56F, 21M-L58F, 21M-L59F, 21M-L300MV3, 21M-L400MV3, 21M-L460MV3
Compatible Lid: 5625-HT4-CP
Lid Bolts: (2) SHCS 1/2x3/4" bolts
Blade Bolts: SHCS 1/2 x 1"
Compatible Blade: 1800-13-50-BBU3, 1800-13-50-BBX3, 1800-13-50-BBXD, 1800-13-50-BSU3, 1800-13-50-BSUD, 1800-13-55-BRD, 1800-13-60-BBX3, 1800-13-35-BBU3, 1800-13-35-BBX3, 1800-13-35-BBXD, 1800-13-40-BBU3, 1800-13-40-BBX3, 1800-13-40-BBXD, 1800-13-40-BSU3, 1800-13-40-BSUD, 1800-13-45-BRD
Compatible Transmitters: Falcon F5+ 15" (Violet), Falcon F5+ 15" (Black), Falcon F2+ 15" (Red), Falcon F1 15" (Aqua), F5 15" 19/12 X-Range (Yellow), F5 15" 12/1.3 kHz (Light Gray), F5 15" 19/12 kHz Dual Freq. (Blue), F5 15" 12/1.3 kHz Dual Freq. (Blue), F5 15" 18 kHz Single Freq. (Crimson), F5 15" 8 kHz Single Freq. (Orange), F Series 15" 12 kHz (Dark Gray), F Series 15" 19 kHz (Midnight Blue), Underground Magnetics 15"
Rig Model: D6x6, D7x11A, D7x11A S2, D8x12, D9x13, D9x13 S2, D9x13 S3, D10x15, D10x15 S3, DD1215, 4X
Other Replacement Parts: 3/4" MudBoost Port, Contoured Lid Bumper, Sonde Cavity Bumper, Short Bumper, 1/2x3/4" Dowel Pin, 3/4" MudBoost Plug, 1-3/4" Roll Pin, Roll Pin Punch Tool, SuperNozzle, 3/8" Allen Wrench, 5/16" Allen Wrench, 21F Thread Protector