Summertime Blade BonusSummertime Blade Bonus

3 Color Flags to Choose From:

HDD Jobsite Flag | 3x5' | BlackHDD Jobsite Flag | 3x5' | Black
HDD Jobsite Flag | 3x5' | BlueHDD Jobsite Flag | 3x5' | Blue
HDD Jobsite Flag | RedHDD Jobsite Flag | Red
HDD Jobsite FlagsHDD Jobsite Flags

How to Qualify for the Promotion

Contact your local Melfred Borzall tooling distributor or shop online to participate. To qualify, a purchase must include two or more Melfred Borzall directional blades in the same order. Qualifying order can be any size of these blade styles: Red Diamond, UltraBit, Steep Taper UltraBit, Rock Saw, Excalibur, or Bear Claw. Valu and Chunky Blades do not qualify. Qualifying purchase must be between August 1st and September 30th, 2022. 

Step One:

Add (at least) 2 Blades to the Cart

Once you have configured your correct blade, add 2 or more to the cart.

Step Two:

Select Your Flag & Add to Cart

Select your color flag choice when prompted and it will automatically add them to the cart at no cost.

Step Three:

Place your Order

When you are ready to place your order, you will see the flag discount show in the order.

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