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Whenever drilling underground you need 100% carbide coverage.

  • 100% Carbide Coverage: Diamond-shaped carbides on sides for aggressive cutting
  • Durable domed front carbide
  • Continuous low-profile back carbides to minimize wear
  • Tapered design towards the rear to reduce drag

Find out why Diamonds are a driller’s best friend.



When you’re deep in an HDD job, you need tools you can count on. Our expert team of engineers has bored through every type of soil, sand and rock there is. Improve your HDD drilling with Melfred Borzall’s performance enhancing tools. Download the Product Catalog to view product details.

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When it comes to directional drilling, we’ve got our ear to the ground.

Big Challenges Produce Breakthroughs in HDD Tooling

The breakthrough designs behind our HDD tools always emerge as a response to real challenges facing real HDD drillers. Whether it’s jumping down into the pit with a crew to check out a situation or talking to distributors who hear about difficult jobs day-in and day-out, all our tools are built to improve efficiency for
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What the Wrong Tooling Will Cost You

Completing jobs efficiently and profitably is the top priority for any HDD driller. It’s tempting to cut corners or cobble together a “just good enough” solution in service of wrapping up a project fast and moving onto the next. However, wrong decisions regarding your HDD tools can come back to haunt you. Here are just
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We know when you need the right tool you need it at the right time. Which is why we have distributors all over the US and the globe—to get you what you need as soon as you need it. Use our Find a Distributor tool to find the closest distributor to you.
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We’re committed to helping directional drillers remain productive and profitable. Our knowledgeable sales staff are here to answer all your “boring” questions and get you the right tools for the job . . .the first time.