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Trade in your current Subsite® Electronics Locating System and get up to $5,000 towards a new DCI Falcon F5® System!


Since the inception of HDD, drillers have had to contend with signal interference that may wreak havoc with the locater. High pressure gas lines with cathodic protection, fiber optic tracer tones lines and metal objects near the drill path mean that drillers are tasked with threading a high-stakes needle. Being more certain of what you’re drilling into allows you to get the job done better. See how the Falcon F5® improves your drilling process.


When it comes to directional drilling, we’ve got our ear to the ground.

Local Student Robotics Teams Are Crushing It

We’re passionate about community involvement, especially initiatives that spark an interest in engineering. From school “career day” demonstrations to extending internship opportunities to high school graduates and college students, we take advantage of every chance we get to support local student engineers. This is why we proudly sponsor robotics teams at area high schools, providing
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When to Rebuild a Tool vs. Scrapping It

  By Jose Mierzejewski Every driller knows that HDD tooling is subject to an unimaginable amount of stress. It’s a hard fact (pardon the pun), but wear and tear is part of the job. Whether your equipment is taking a pounding from solid rock or being shaved down by the relentless abrasion of sandy loam,
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We’re committed to helping directional drillers remain productive and profitable. Our knowledgeable sales staff are here to answer all your “boring” questions and get you the right tools for the job . . .the first time.