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Mini-Blade Madness!
Every directional blade ordered before the end of March will come with a die cast metal mini-blade keychain!
These nearly indestructible bits & blades are built to withstand all the tough spots and rough patches Mother Nature throws in your way. Most of our bits have unique features that allow you to utilize FastBack® attachments for quick pullbacks. Our computer designed, field tested, signature red directional drilling bits are a force to be reckoned with.


When it comes to directional drilling, we’ve got our ear to the ground.

3 Questions We Ask Every HDD Driller

By: Jody Venema   When it comes to selecting the right HDD tools for your job, the last thing you want to do is guess. There’s too much on the line. So, when we get calls from drillers asking which Melfred Borzall tool to use, we always ask three important questions. Knowing these answers gives
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How to Determine Which Directional Drilling Blades You Need

In directional drilling, blade choice will make or break your success straight out of the gate. Of course, your blade’s bolt pattern is dictated by the drill rig you’ll be attaching it to, but there’s more to selecting the right blade for your job. Here’s what you need to know.   Start by looking at
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    “Terminator—stand by it day after day. Nothing better for reducing pre-reaming time. Twice as fast as OEM products!”


    This hill is a mother-huncher, so we're still using the Iron Fist bit day in and day out. Yet another bore handled by the Iron Fist in Snowmass." Alterra Underground Solutions, Denver, CO


    “The Iron Fist is my go to tool of choice here in the Northwest because it just works, plain and simple.”-Jason Leatherman, IDS

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We know when you need the right tool you need it at the right time. Which is why we have distributors all over the US and the globe—to get you what you need as soon as you need it. Use our Find a Distributor tool to find the closest distributor to you.
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We’re committed to helping directional drillers remain productive and profitable. Our knowledgeable sales staff are here to answer all your “boring” questions and get you the right tools for the job . . .the first time.