The Melfred Borzall official authorized distribution network provides dealers with the power to deliver world-class red tooling to local HDD Contractors backed by the full warranty and support of the Melfred Borzall brand. Melfred Borzall is the pioneering founder of the HDD industry and has had laser-focus on tooling for 75 years. This established presence in the HDD market give authorized dealers the credibility and recognition to move tooling off the shelves with confidence and offerings that come exclusively with membership in the RED Network of distributors.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Melfred Borzall tooling contact us at

On-location Tranings

Our on-site trainings for our distributors' sales and staff is an invaluable 2-day onsite experience that provides in-depth HDD training from the bottom up. This training is tailored to meet the needs of every sales rep with experience levels from 1 month to 25 years in HDD. No matter the level, we can offer valuable industry and tool-specific trainings to help your business grow with specialization in HDD.


Our distributor network is a non-overlapping, protected network of areas of responsibility that are assigned to authorized dealers of the Melfred Borzall tooling. Working closely with a distribution manager, each area of responsibility establishes goals and milestones to help that distributor be successful and maximize profitability. 

The full-time resource of the distribution manager goes beyond check-ins and infrequent visits. Our Distribution Channel Manager offers real-time training, coaching and support for new or established businesses within the RED Network.

Marketing & Promotions

Melfred Borzall runs and manages quarterly promotion, ongoing marketing materials available to our distributor networks to post to social media channels, use in email marketing, print for flyers, and even signage for tradeshows and events. No scale is too big or small and we can tailor marketing with co-branded media to boost your company's name along with the Melfred Borzall brand.

HDD Specialists

We have an inside network of HDD Specialists that are exclusively available to our distributors for questions, online help, quotes, and order fulfillment. They are available via chat on the website, email, or phone.

HDD Specialization & Focus

Becoming a part of HDD most trusted network takes a drive and a focused intent on HDD specialization. If you are interesting in becoming a contributing member of our distributor network, below are some requirements for consideration:

  • A specialized HDD salesperson in the organization
  • A Utility Truck / Vehicle equipped with HDD Tooling
  • Agreement to annual sales goals
  • Participation in network-wide sales promotion
  • Open communication with distribution channel manager and sales
  • A minimum inventory-carry level
  • Annual 2-Day Distributor Meeting Attendance in California
  • Quarterly goal reviews with distribution channel manager
  • Participation in ordering and utilizing the distributor portal on
  • Exclusive distributor co-branded gear via the distribustore portal.