Full & Part-time Paid Positions

Our interns aren’t "coffee-fetchers" or busy on inconsequential tasks. We challenge our interns to roll up their sleeves and get experience on projects that matter to the whole company as well as the interns' future careers. Our interns work alongside our seasoned team members to get hands-on experience in a dynamic learn-by-doing environment.

Good work habits are essential. We start at 7:00 am! Once you complete and submit the application form and resume (and any supporting documents) we will reach out to qualifying candidates to schedule the next steps in interviewing. Only select candidates will be interviewed in person. A no-cost drug screening is required for all internship positions.

Internship programs are open to college students and select high school students. The application deadline for the Summer 2020 internships is March 15, 2020. 

Join our team of directional drilling experts and let’s get to work

We make careers that are built to last. When you join the Melfred Borzall team of engineers, sales people, manufacturers and support staff, you become part of a unit that works like a well-oiled machine but feels like a family. If you get excited just thinking about drill bits, rock tools and other directional drilling equipment, we want to hear more about you.


Manufacturing Engineering

Learn Lean processes, fixture design, CNC programming, robotics and facility design with projects that will connect classroom theories to real-world manufacturing.

Mechanical Design

Our design is a hands-on process! Interns not only help design new tools but also build and test new designs. SolidWorks and manufacturing experience is a plus.

Welding & Machining

Work alongside skilled machinists and welders to get experience with CNC machining, MIG welding, plasma cutting, fabrication, etc. Assignments will vary based on experience.

Marketing & Creative

Support our newly-launched website development and marketing. Creative opportunities include video production, animation and promotional artwork.

How To Apply

Step 1:

Click the image or button below to download a printable application and reference sheet to submit (PDF).

Step 2:

Complete the application and reference form and gather any other relevant documents (resume, recommendation letters, portfolio, etc.).

Step 3:

Send the completed application and supporting documents as attachments in an email to interns@melfredborzall.com by March 15, 2020. We'll contact you if you are selected to interview for an open internship position.