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What is the Pit Bull™ Design?

The Melfred Borzall Engineers have developed a way to relieve your stress of breaking off a bit downhole. The Pit Bull Blades and Housing design utilize machined dowel pins that can be inserted by hand into the steer-face of the bolt-on housing. Those same dowel pins match up to holes on the directional blade being mated up. This simple feature adds over 100% shear load capacity to your blade bolts since they are no longer taking the force on rotation. This will not only make your bolts last longer, you never have to worry about them rattling loose, or backing out either.

Bolts Rattling Loose & Backing Out

Losing a bit downhole can be detrimental to a project, costing you both time and money in lost production and waiting time for the entire crew. Various ground conditions mixed with different rig operation styles can cause your blade bolts to rattle loose and eventually back out completely. Or worse, the shear load capacity of your bolts simply isn’t enough to handle the conditions you are in and cause the bolts to completely shear off. Both circumstances result in lost tooling and expensive downtime. That is why we created the patented Pit Bull™ design that offers more than a 100% increase to the shear load capacity of your bolts by taking the load off through precision-machined dowel pins on the steer face and blade mate-up surface. You won't have to worry anymore about the possibility of having to abandon a bore because of a lost blade downhole. Pit Bull™ blades are compatible with OEM transmitter housings, but you can combine them with Pit Bull™ housings to unleash the full might of the Pit Bull™ feature. Equally, our Pit Bull™ Transmitter Housings have removable dowel pins to make them compatible with OEM blades. Simply put, the Pit Bull™ never lets go.

Takes the load off of your bolts

When boring with a standard blade without the Pit Bull™ feature, there are many factors that can play into how long the blade bolts will hold up to the torque, speed and ground conditions of the job. With the integration of dowel pins that take the shear load from the bolts, they last longer and provide longer assurance that you will not leave a blade downhole.

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Switch between Pit Bull™ tooling and your existing tooling

Do you love the Pit Bull™ concept but still have a half-dozen non-Pit Bull™ blades you need to use up? No problem. Since the Pit Bull housing's dowel pin are removable, you can use the Pit Bull™ housing with OEM parts and Pit Bull™ blades alike. Once ready, you can choose from any directional blade Melfred Borzall offers to fully take advantage of the Pit Bull features since every blade we offer comes in Pit Bull™ compatible versions.