System to expedite short service line installations in shallow ground with limited fluid.

When is



We are excited for you to try the Service Shot System that can increase your job site productivity for service installations.


It is built for a very specific type of job site with certain conditions. So, how do you know when to opt for Service Shot or when to go with a premium SD housing? We've put together a table below to make it easy for you to decide when the Service Shot System is the right choice. 

SD Housing Setup Service Shot System
I need minimal fluid for faster cleanup
I have a tight setup area & need a shorter, zero-point entry
I need something without teeth that won’t risk snagging unmarked utility
I need to decrease my rod time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes
We have multiple short shots we need to get done in a day
I want a threadless solution for connecting bits
We are drilling over 150ft in a single shot
I need to run high RPMs for the ground I’m in
I need to run a lot of fluid with a special mud mix for my ground type
My ground type calls for carbide protection and cutter teeth on my bit
I'll be pulling back greater than 10,000 lbs of utility on pullback

Service Installation Production...Expedited.

The new Service Shot System is built to improve your production rate on service shots. We have integrated features recommended straight from real jobsites.


housing design

Newly designed sleek housing for shorter, more shallow bores & limited fluid use

  • Made for standard DigiTrak™ and U-Mag 15" transmitters
  • Shorter and narrow 2-1/4" diameter for fast steering with low RPM
  • Threadless bit attachment and rear direct-to-drill rod connection



Melfred Borzall's newest way to securely attach your bit.

  • Ready to rock with the simple fit-up, then tap of the roll pin for security
  • Service Shot hardfaced bit, reamer, and pulling eye come with it
  • Quicker setup and break apart means less downtime

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drillers think

Don't take our word for it - check out this video testimonial from the jobsite. 

  • Better "rod time" or feet per minute
  • Used limited fluid on the bore
  • Shots through hard ground made easy
  • Able to maneuver with ease

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