30 Ton Deluxe DUB Swivel | 2-7/8" Reg Thread

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Deluxe-DUB Swivel with a 2-7/8" Reg Thread and 30 ton load capacity. The greasable tapered roller or spherical bearings and four-stage sealing system on your Deluxe DUB features a metal-to-metal face seal to ensure reliability and long life.
Product Features
  • Deluxe bearings that can handle tensile, compressive, and side loads
  • Intricate quad-stage seal system designed specifically for HDD ­conditions
  • Fitted with a grease nipple for easy lubrication, making it a long-lasting swivel.
  • Pressure relief valve prevents over-pressurizing and damaging the mechanical seal
Tool Specs
Reamer Rear Connection Option: Thread-in Swivel
Rig Model: D40x55 S3, D40x55DR S3, D50x100, D60x90, D60x90 S3, JT40, JT40 AT, JT60, JT4020, JT4020 M1, JT4020 AT, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD4045, DD4050
Swivel Connection: Thread pin
Swivel Thread: 2-7/8" IF pin
Swivel Type: Deluxe DUB
Swivel Capacity: 30 ton (60,000 lbs)