20" Barrel Stabilizer | 2-3/8" Reg Shaft

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Part #: 80-20-23F-23F-V
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This item is over 150lb and must be shipped with Freight.
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This Plain Barrel Stabilizer yields a 20" pack diameter and has a Box/Box connection on a 23F shaft. Borzall Barrels feature internal baffles to reduce weight from drilling fluid and bid-directional cutter blocks for push or pull use. They also minimize hole collapse by using replaceable forward-facing nozzles to provide lubrication without jetting out hole walls.
Product Features
  • The key component of a successful large diameter project
  • Centers reamer to create a round hole in all soil conditions
  • Can be customized to be used with a variety of reamers and soil types
  • Holds drill rod, reamer and product pipe on center to create a round hole and successful bore
  • “Floating” water free body for weight reduction
  • Front and rear water ports clear cutters and wash away cuttings
  • Hardfacing on high wear areas extend reamer life
  • Conical carbide cutters minimize wear on the blade edges and face
More Information
Reamer Front Thread: 2-3/8" REG
Reamer Shaft Size: 3.25" with 2-3/8" REG box
Rig Model: D36x50DR S2, D40x55DR S3, D23x30 S3, D24x26, D24x33, D24x40, D24x40A, D24x40 S2, D24x40 S3, D33x44, D36x50, D36x50 S3, D40x40, D40x55 S3, D50x100, D60x90, D60x90 S3, D80x100, D80x120, D80x100 S2, JT24, JT25, JT30, JT30 AT, JT40, JT40 AT, JT60, JT60 AT, JT2720, JT2720 M1, JT2720 AT, JT3020, JT3020 AT, JT4020, JT4020 M1, JT4020 AT, JT7020, JT7020 M1, JT8020 M1, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD8, DD2226, DD3238, DD4045, DD4050
Reamer Rear Thread: 2-3/8"REG
Reamer Packing Size: 20"
Stabillizer Barrel Options: Value
Reamer Rear Connection Option: Thread-in Swivel, Pulling Eye
Stabillizer Barrel Feature: Value