Sandstone is a pretty common material to find on the job. While it's considered "soft," anyone who has drilled through it before knows that doesn't make the task easier — in fact, sandstone can be fairly abrasive. As with any HDD job, you have to come prepared. Luckily, we've got your back. We'll show you some great HDD drill blades and drill bits for sandstone so you can dig in!  

What Exactly is Sandstone?

Tiny grains of mineral, rock and other organic substances make up sandstone, held together by silt or clay. As a sedimentary rock, it is extremely common. Underground, sandstone can even serve as a natural reservoir for oil and gas or an aquifer for water. Being so prevalent beneath the earth, it's no wonder it comes up often in HDD. To drill through it, you'll need the right directional drilling bits or blades.  

Drilling in Sandstone

When outfitting your rig for an HDD job that involves sandstone, you'll want something with a little aggression. That way, you can penetrate the softer rock but still withstand conditions if things get hard. After all, you have to be able to drill and steer properly no matter what. Also, you'll need something with enough wear protection to stand up against sandstone's abrasive elements. Below are some of our favorite HDD drill blades and drill bits for sandstone.  

Bear Claw Blades

Bear Claw blades are some of the toughest HDD drill blades around. Their conical cutters can easily tear through sandstone. However, while they do well in most rocky conditions, if your job is going to get extra rocky, you may want to go even harder.  


UltraBits are a well-rounded solution to your sandstone problems. They’re perfect for hard and gravelly ground conditions. Each blade features a chunky carbide surface, along with conical carbide cutters, all in a design that reduces drag.  

Red Diamond Blades

Diamond-shaped carbides help make the Red Diamond HDD drill blades an excellent choice for sandstone jobs — possibly the best! Their design makes for extra aggressive cutting, and rear tapering increases overall efficiency. Plus, The Red Diamond has 100% carbide coverage, so you know it can last a long time, even in abrasive conditions. However, if you're looking for drill bits for sandstone, our Eagle Claw SD bits might do the trick.  

Eagle Claw SD Bits

The Eagle Claw SD bits are undoubtedly among the best drill bits for sandstone. They'll get the drilling done quickly and precisely through a perfectly balanced design. The tri-tooth carbide cutters are the strongest you can get, able to drill through just about any ground conditions. And best of all — they're incredibly durable!  

Find the Bits and Blades for your Job at Melfred Borzall

Whether you need HDD drill blades or drill bits for sandstone, shale, gravel, dirt or any other ground condition, Melfred Borzall has you covered. We have decades of experience making HDD tools, so you know you can count on us for quality. Check out our selection of bits and blades to get started. We’re here to help the HDD community as much as possible, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions!