Horizontal directional drilling involves creating a pilot bore, pre-reaming that bore and performing pullback operations. HDD pipe pullback might be the most important step of the process since it involves installing the pipe as intended to complete the project. There are a number of reasons to use an HDD pullback device, including:

  1. The outcome of the project hinges on proper pipe installation.
  2. Improper pullback can damage existing pipelines.
  3. Mistakes and inefficiency will cost you time and money.

As a driller or contractor, planning is crucial — especially if you want to be efficient. There are a lot of factors that go into pullback, along with notable risks, and considering all of them will help you select the right product pipe and drilling rig. Having an effective HDD pullback device will make planning and operation a bit easier so you can get the job done.

What Makes For a Good HDD Pullback Device?

When it comes down to it, a pullback device should make your HDD drill jobs easier, particularly by saving you time (and therefore, money). To accomplish this, there are two key things to look for in the device:

  1. Parts that are easy to manage.
  2. The ability to work in a variety of ground conditions.

Luckily, there's something that covers all of this ground and more. The FastBack System from Melfred Borzall is a revolutionary pullback solution that works like a charm in dirt, sand, clay and hard, compact soil.

What Exactly Is The FastBack System?

Melfred Borzall's FastBack System is a family of HDD pullback devices that allow you to ream up to a 12" hole without taking the drill head off — and to do it fast. You just attach the cutter blocks and pullback device. But fast means nothing without accuracy, and FastBack devices are primed for both. In addition to being quicker and easier, the system also offers drillers a safer way to manage equipment and get their job done.

The following products are part of the FastBack system:

FastBack Pullback Attachments

Since you don't have to remove the drill head to install a reamer, FastBack pullback attachments allow you to perform HDD pipe pullback soon after completing the pilot bore. These pullback tools attach directly to your bit or blade and are designed to hold an MBI swivel in line with the rotation.

FastReam Housings

When access to the exit side is restricted, FastReam housings provide direct pullback for a large pipe or a group of pipes. It effectively turns a transmitter housing into a backreamer.

FastReam Cutter Blocks

Working with FastReam housings, these cutter blocks transform your housing into a reamer, cutting up to a 12" diameter. The design is based on our most versatile reamer, The Tornado, which provides great pumping and mixing action — and gets through the toughest conditions. FastReam cutter blocks only require small tools for installation, such as Allen wrenches.

FastBack MudBoost Adapters

When you're enlarging a hole, you need more fluid than what a normal housing nozzle can provide. That's why we developed the MudBoost adapters. Simply replace one or two plugs in the adapter with a MudBoost port, and you'll have plenty of flow to carry out all the cuttings from that 12" hole.

Other Benefits of the FastBack System

FastBack makes it so you don't have to haul a ton of equipment into a large pit just to install a reamer for HDD pipe pullback operations. This cuts down on time, environmental impact and safety risks. The system's ease of use dramatically increases efficiency and accuracy as well, limiting the potential for mistakes and damage — and maximizing profits in the process.

While the ability to ream only up to a 12" hole isn't right for every job, it's perfect for installing service lines to homes and businesses, or any job that involves pulling fiber. Since you don't have to take off the drill head, you'll be able to do it fast.

If You Need An HDD Pullback Device, Melfred Borzall Is Here

On any directional drilling project, saving time and money is crucial. As is doing a great job. The FastBack System will help you do it all. You might know how to pull a small pipe pretty easily, but if space is limited or you have a large pipe, it gets complicated really fast. HDD pipe pullback has the potential to make or break your entire operation, so it's no time to take chances. Contact Melfred Borzall today to see how FastBack has your back.