As drillers and contractors, it can be easy for us to overlook the fact that horizontal directional drilling is, in and of itself, a huge technological innovation. As such, it's only natural for HDD equipment to continue changing and growing. Technology, particularly of the digital variety, continues to advance exponentially, shaping our lives, the economy and the world at large.

While the construction industry can sometimes seem slow to adopt new technology, HDD stands out from the pack — many of us are ready and willing to see how tech can increase our productivity (not to mention our bottom line). This is especially important since the HDD market is expected to grow by nearly 7% in the coming years — we have to do everything we can to keep up with the demand.

But what about the way we buy HDD tools? Just as the digital world has shaped our day-to-day, the face of commerce and marketing is changing too. Some of us will want to cling to our old ways, and you know what? As long as you can drill underground and get the job done, that's fine! But just like all of the advances we've made in the 21st century, you need to know how the changing landscape of the HDD supply chain can benefit you. Read on to find out how the HDD equipment industry is heading toward the future and why you just might want to go along for the ride.

How Far Has HDD Equipment Come In The 21st Century?

The 21st century has seen significant advances in HDD related to:

  1. Navigating and Locating Systems for steering
  2. Digital Touchscreens for information and readouts
  3. Virtual Reality and Computer Simulations for training

Since 1946 when Fred Melsheimer brought us the first horizontal directional drill system, and throughout the 60s and 90s when Dick Melsheimer experimented with huge safety improvements for equipment, HDD has seen many technological leaps. Each era has brought significant improvements, making parts more reliable, durable and precise. We've been there through it all.

As the list above illustrates, in this digital age, electronics have offered a wealth of benefits to drillers and contractors. In the past, one of the largest issues contractors have faced is finding capable, qualified workers. Since technology has made both operating and training easier, new drillers are able to get the hang of things faster.

Across all industries in our fast-paced world, technological advancements have led to an increased demand for more immediate results and information. As such, many people are looking for marketing and commerce to meet their HDD supply needs in a similar manner. This may lead to a revolution in terms of how we buy HDD equipment.

The Way We Buy HDD Equipment Is Evolving — And It Can Improve The Way You Do Your Job

When people are shopping for a particular product, it's becoming more common for them to browse online first. Brick and mortar stores and distributors aren't going anywhere, but e-commerce is absolutely a part of the equation. This concept of making purchases from multiple channels has led many industries to embrace the modern concept of omnichannel marketing and fulfillment.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing And Fulfillment?

In the early days of digital marketing, companies tended to stay with the old "tried and true" marketing methods and just pumped them onto the internet. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but these days, our interconnected world allows for so much more.

Omnichannel marketing uses every form of communication available to give customers a consistent experience across all platforms — in-store, online, via email and more. Additionally, customers' data can be stored across each, providing a seamless experience and more freedom to decide the best way to buy at any given time. You're never bound to a single source.

How Does This Apply to HDD Equipment?

Sometimes you get to the jobsite and realize you brought the wrong tool — or worse, you're missing a tool you need altogether. We've all been there at one point, and it's a huge hindrance to your productivity. Well, what if you had the ability to buy what you need, right from the jobsite? If an HDD supply company utilized omnichannel marketing, you could. There's a good chance you have a smartphone or tablet on you at all times, and that's all you need. Depending on where the distributor is, they could even have a product sent to you that same day.

But it's not just about purchase power. Say you have a question about a particular tool or need support of any kind — this type of marketing opens up more lines of communication for customer service too, via phone, email and more.

What If I Prefer The Old Methods?

There's nothing wrong with that at all, whether it's because you're the type of person who has worn the same pajamas for 25 years or the traditional methods just make more sense for your business. "Omni" means all, everything — in this case, every channel of marketing, purchasing and fulfilling. That includes the old pen and paper correspondence with your local HDD equipment distributor.

As Always, Melfred Borzall Is Leading The Way

We realize that the idea of "omnichannel marketing" might sound a little pretentious or crass, like it's just a fancy way to sell you more stuff. But the fact of the matter is — we truly believe in helping you, the underground drillers and contractors. We have always believed in our products, and the easier it is for you to access them, the more we can help you get the job done. Just as we've innovated to improve distribution, we want to bring the buying process for HDD tools into the 21st century and beyond.

Benefits of Buying HDD Equipment With Melfred Borzall

Whether you're online or offline, you can have a seamless experience when shopping for HDD tools and equipment from Melfred Borzall.

  1. We're available anywhere, even the jobsite.
  2. You don't need to talk to a salesperson, just place an order and we'll take it from there.
  3. It's a seamless experience that you can put down and pick up whenever you want, right where you left off.
  4. When you order online, we can often have a local distributor ship it the same day.
  5. There are plenty of resources available, shipped free in our catalog or right on our website.
  6. You can access us through paper, computer, smartphone or tablet.
  7. MBI, as well as our distributors, have a history of your purchases and know your needs — plus, you can easily view your past tooling purchases at any time.
  8. Our website can make tooling suggestions based on ground conditions and HDD rig model, and if you need more help, phone support and live chat are readily available.

Contact Melfred Borzall To Drill Into The Future

You want to succeed, and we want to help you do it. Melfred Borzall offers the best way to shop for HDD equipment. How do we know that? Because you have the freedom to buy using the method that works for you. You can get all the HDD products you need on our website, contact us to get in touch with a distributor or call us at 800-558-7500 — or even do a little bit of everything. You'll get the same incredible experience no matter how you choose to shop. We've been here since the beginning, so let us take you into the next era too.