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What is the FastBack® System?

Ok, you know a quick and easy way to pull back a small pipe. But what happens when you’re in a tight spot and have multiple conduits or one big pipe? No problem. Melfred Borzall’s patented FastBack system gives you the pullback devices you need to quickly ream up to a 12″ hole… without ever taking the drill head off.

The FastReam® Transmitter Housing

Hands down, the FastReam Housing is the most efficient tool for doing direct pullback of large or multiple pipes where exit side access is limited or you need to do multiple bores per day.

Attach Cutter Blocks

EagleEye® and QuickSwivel™ Attachments

The EagleEye® Pullback Attachment is a key part of the FastBack® System. Made to work perfectly with our Eagle Claw SD bits, this bolt-on pullback device provides stable rotation without having to remove the bit on those challenging bores. The single-piece and heat-treated EagleEye® offers straight, secure, and efficient linking between your product and the drive string — all with the long-lasting strength you expect from Melfred Borzall. If using a directional blade, the QuickSwivel™ is your best pullback option that attaches directly to most of our style blades, including the Excalibur, so you can perform direct pullbacks quickly and securely no matter the ground condition.

Fastback Cutter Attachements

FastBack Cutter Block Attachments

FastReam® Cutter Blocks can transform your transmitter housing into a reamer in minutes with the FastBack® system. Modeled after the Tornado, our top-selling reamer for its mixing and pumping action, the cutter blocks attach in minutes without having to remove the drill head. When you only have a few inches of clearance in the pit, this will save you on bores up to 12 inches and eliminate removing and replacing heavy tooling. Simply bolt on cutter blocks, ensure your fluid ports are clear with the MudBoost® adapter and go!


MudBoost™ Adapter for Fluid Management

Give your pullback a boost. MudBoost Adapters get extra mud flow on the pullback side of the sonde housing faster, for more efficient direct pullback and better sonde cooling.