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Melfred Borzall’s patented FastBack System answers the call
for faster, easier direct pullback solutions up to 12”.

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why fastback?

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faster than a standard reamer

Don't bother taking off the drill head if your final hole diameter is 12" or less. With the FastBack System you can speed up production and reduce the possibility of errors that accompany handling heavy tooling in a muddy pit. Plus, the FastBack cutter blocks are designed to mimic HDD's #1 reamer, the Tornado! FastBack

How to FastBack

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for tight spaces

Don’t risk downtime costs. If the pit is too small for a standard reamer setup or the final hole diameter is no more than 12”, the FastBack System will not only save you time in the pit, but it will enable you to work around close utility lines without touching them. Ideal for residential bores with congested underground utility that would otherwise be impossible to work around.

Work around close utility lines

Work around close utility lines

Traditional vs FastBack Pit Size

Work with less space


FastBack Components

Make sure you have your direct pullback system configured correctly.
FastBack System Image

New to direct pullback? No problem - configure your options and connections with
proper cutter block step-up sizing as well as swivel type options for your job.


4-step assembly

Need help ensuring all your connections are true and components properly put together?
No problem - just download this guide to assembling your FastBack® System correctly.
Prepare the Mudboost™ Port Image Prepare the Mudboost™ Port

Remove the existing plug, then clean the threads with a wire brush before replacing with the MudBoost™ port that provides an added boost of water flow.

Attach the Fastream Cutter Blocks Image Attach the Fastream Cutter Blocks

Line up the dimple and dot on the housing and accompanying cutter block to ensure you don’t put them on backwards before securing with the carriage bolt.

Attach the Pullback Device Image Attach the Pullback Device

If using an Eagle Claw SD™ in hard ground attach the EagleEye, otherwise you can easily use the QuickSwivel™ for compatible Melfred Borzall directional blades.

Attach the Swivel & Go! Image Attach the Swivel & Go!

If using the QuickSwivel™ + Borzall Blade you can breeze past this step. If using an Eagle Claw SD™ just attach your swivel to the EagleEye Device and you're ready!