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As directional drilling experts, we’ve got a lot to say about the industry. Our helpful and informative research in the industry can keep you efficient by staying up to date with new technologies, weighing in on industry challenges, and analyzing industry trends. All this to help you make smarter decisions for your drilling operation.

Housing Selection Guide

Housing Selection Guide

A Comprehensive Guide To Selection The Correct Transmitter For Your Jobsite Circumstances Such As Rig Thrust, Transmitter Model, & Other Important Factors.

27-way Puller Case Study

Custom Multi-duct Puller Case Study

Learn about a Northern California contractor's high-stakes job installing 54, 4" pipes amidst a maze of underground utility and under the heart of a tech capital's thriving downtown...all during a storm.

VUCA White Paper

New HDD Drillers Start Here

This illustrated guide will help those new to HDD get up to speed, limit mistakes, and quickly become the supervisors greatest asset on the crew. With so much growth in underground utility, a need for more onboarding and education to HDD operations & equipment is needed. This is it.

VUCA White Paper

Control Your HDD Operations Like A Navy Seal

Use the tactics Navy Seals have refined to help you analyze and navigate your HDD operations in uncertain times. This article provides characteristics, examples, and approaches you can take to confront each VUCA category: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Match the Right Reamer Guide Cover

Match The Right Reamer To The Job

You wouldn’t limit yourself to the drill bit that comes with a handheld drill. The same idea applies to your HDD tools. It’s critical to only use a reamer designed to handle the specific conditions of a bore.

FastBack Case Study Cover

FastBack System Case Study

When you’re facing tough challenges on a job, there is no room for error. You need precision and the right HDD tooling. Find out how the FastBack System was used on a short bore job that required crossing six different utilities.

Easy Ways to Improve Efficiency Cover

Easy Ways To Improve Efficiency Of HDD Jobs

With so many years in the HDD business, we’ve seen just about every mistake that can be made on a job site. In this e-book, we share the most common mistakes drillers make, give tips on how to avoid these mistakes, and provide tips on how to improve the efficiency of your next job. Let’s dig in.

Guide to Successful HDD Operations Cover

Your Guide To Successful HDD Operations

We’ve put together this quick guide to share how you can make your HDD business function more smoothly, improve your productivity, and create lasting success. We’ve put together this quick guide to share how you can make your HDD business function more smoothly, improve your productivity, and create lasting success.


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