6" Iron Fist w/Dome Cutters | 2-7/8" Reg

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The Iron Fist Bit with a 6" cutting diameter and dome cutters packs a major punch in cobble and loose rock conditions and is designed to be easily and inexpensively be rebuilt, which reduces your tooling costs. Bam.
Product Features
  • Main carbide cutters positioned to allow for “rocking” the bit through rocks
  • Compact cutters are less likely to hang up on cobbles
  • Balanced cutters for downhole stability
  • Contoured design
  • 1/4-inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging
  • Built-in check valve to minimize chance of clogging
  • Wrench flats for easy removal
Tool Specs
Iron Fist Cutter Block Type: Dome
For Use In: Caliche, Clay, Cobbles, Dirt, Gravel, Hardpan, Sand, Sandstone, Shale
Bit Thread: 2-7/8" REG
Rig Model: D50x100, D60x90, D60x90 S3, D80x100, D80x100 S2, D80x120, JT60, JT60 AT, JT7020, JT7020 M1, JT8020 M1, DD5, DD6, DD8
Housing Type: Thread-on, Side-load
Carbide Teeth Option: Dome
Retail Price: 2,389.00