14" Juggernaut | 2-3/8" Reg x Flange (Shark Teeth)

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This Juggernaut Fluted Reamer has a 14" cutting diameter and 2-3/8" Reg Box by Flange connection type, finished with Shark Tooth® Cutters. Choose from Juggernauts with built-in swivels to keep the reamer assembly as short as possible for reaming in cobble or loose rock, or opt for a Juggernaut with a pulling eye to save money by using one clevis swivel on multiple reamers. Available with different carbide cutter options, the Juggernaut is the most productive reamer for your conditions.
Product Features
  • Deep, spiraled flutes allow for plenty of slurry to flow past the reamer
  • Welded cutters with extra thick carbide inserts for maximum cutting action
  • Precisely positioned and angled cutters ensure the long lasting carbide is doing all the work
  • Thick casted or solid machined reamer body means one long-lasting tool
  • Use with bolt-on flange swivels or interchangeable clevis-style swivels
More Information
For Use In: Caliche, Dirt, Gravel, Hardpan, Sandstone, Shale
Reamer Cutter Option: Sharktooth
Reamer Front Thread: 2-3/8" REG
Reamer Shaft Size: 3.25" with 2-3/8" REG box
Rig Model: D23x30 S3, D24x26, D24x33, D24x40, D24x40A, D24x40 S2, D24x40 S3, D33x44, D36x50, D36x50 S3, D36x50DR S2, D40x40, D40x55 S3, D40x55DR S3, JT25, JT30, JT30 AT, JT40, JT40 AT, JT2720, JT2720 M1, JT2720 AT, JT3020, JT3020 AT, JT4020, JT4020 M1, JT4020 AT, DD4, DD2226, DD3238, DD4045, DD4050
Reamer Rear Thread: F32X
Reamer Packing Size: 12"
Reamer Rear Connection Option: Flange for 20-ton or 30-ton Valu-DUB Swivel
Reamer Rear Flange - size flange swivel to fit: 20-ton, 30-ton