3-1/4" Thread-on SD Housing | Subsite® | 2-3/8" Reg

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This SD Housing has a 3.25" diameter, a 2-3/8" Reg Box/Box connection type, and fits Subsite® transmitters. The Box-by-box design provides unmatched versatility and value so you can use your Eagle Claw SD, Iron Fist, or Bit Body with one housing.
Product Features
  • Heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy for superior strength, abrasion resistance and durability
  • Double locking lid bolts keep the transmitter secure
  • Profiled lid top reduces drag
  • Sonde Cavity bumpers protect your equipment
Tool Specs
Housing Type: Thread-on, Side-load
Transmitter Housing Diameter: 3-1/4"
Transmitter Housing Front Thread: 2-3/8" REG
Transmitter Housing Rear Thread: 2-3/8" Reg
Compatible Adapters: 23M-20M, 23M-30F, 23M-32F, 23M-33F, 23M-36M, 23M-40F, 23M-40M, 23M-41F, 23M-42M, 23M-43M, 23M-46F, 23M-48M, 23M-50F, 23M-36AT-M, 23M-42ATM, 23M-H350M, 23M-H390M, 23M-L43M, 23M-L54F, 23M-L56F, 23M-L57F, 23M-L59F, 23M-60M, 23M-72M, 23M-80F, 23M-82F, 23M-L300MV3, 23M-L400MV4, 23M-L460MV3
Compatible Lid: 5932-HD4-CP
Lid Bolts: (2) SHCS 16MMx25MM bolts
Compatible Bit: 5632-13 (Bit Body), 5632-15 (Bit Body), 4.25" Eagle Claw SD (23M), 5" Eagle Claw SD (23M)
Compatible Transmitters: Subsite 86BRP, Subsite 86BRV, Subsite 17T
Rig Model: D23x30 DR S3, JT28, JT32, D23x30 S3, D24x26, D24x33, D24x40, D24x40A, D24x40 S2, D24x40 S3, D33x44, D36x50, D36x50 S3, JT24, JT25, JT30, JT40, JT2720, JT2720 M1, JT3020, JT4020